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Bartender at Large

May 11, 2020

Since so many bartenders are creatures of the night with predictable nocturnal habits, the Covid shutdown has really thrown us for a loop. Due to the fact, that for years we have been   staying busy behind the bar by constantly moving and socializing with guests, it has been a particularly difficult transition for many of us to now be sheltered in place with only minimal stimulation. There doesn’t seem to be a roadmap for the best way to deal with this, so to help us shed a little light on these issues, we are joined by Tales of the Cocktail: Bartender of the Year 2018, Yael Vengroff. Yael manages a number of bars, while also consulting, traveling and doing various brand work, so she is the perfect candidate to discuss how she has been channeling her creative energies. So join us for this special two part episode featuring the esteemed Yael Vengroff (beverage director of Spare Room, Genghis Cohen, Mountaineering Club, and Cross Eyed Critters.)
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